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18-cameras OB Van, Blue Bird

FeaturesПТС, OBVAN, Blue Bird, передвижная телевизионная камера  Skype EmailTelefone



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"Engineer-Service" company offers for rent multicameras OB VAN (up to 18 cameras) for video shooting in Kiev and Ukraine.

18-cameras OB van BlueBird 2010 release, is certified to work in Ukraine.  




Kyiv, Ukraine




63 Amp. 5pCEE - 3x380V+N+G


12 x 2.5 x 4 (L x W x H)


19,250 kg

 Standarts, format & aspect ratio 


4:3/16:9, 625/50i, PAL


720/50p & 1080/50i


Yes - Up/Down/Cross Conversion & Mixing HD/SD Video

Camera Systems 

Upto 18 HD/SD Cameras

10x Sony HSC-300 HD Triax Chains
up to 2x of GVG/Hitachi 3xSpeed Slomo HD Chains - on request
up to 6x of Marshall Compact/Mini Camera HD Chains - on request


upto 2x VisLink L1500 Wireless HD Camera Chains - on request 


1x Canon 86x9.7 w/extender
1x Canon 60x9.5 w/extender
2x Canon 40x10 w/extender
3x Canon 22x7.6 w/extender
3x Canon 17x7.6 w/extender
3x Canon 14x4.3 w/extender

Switching , Processing & Monitoring 

Router - Digital Video

Snell 3G/HD/SD Router
72x72 Crosspoints

Main mixer HD/SD

Kahuna 2ME HD/SD 40 Inputs/24 Outputs Switcher
2ME Control Panel & Standalone Aux Panel
4 Channels DVE onboard
8 ClipStores

B/Up mixer HD/SD

For-A 1ME HD/SD 12 Inputs/6 Outputs Switcher
Control Panel & Standalone Aux Panel
2 Channels DVE onboard

Video effects

Kahuna onboard


2x Snell SD Synchronisers


3x AJA 4ch Analog Audio Embedder
1x AJA 8ch AES Audio Embedder

Vision Monitoring

3 x Bon 24” HD/SD Quad LCD Monitor
1 x Apantac 16ch HD/SD Multiviewer & 42” ENG Panel 
1 x Apantac 24ch HD/SD Multiviewer & 65” Producer Panel 
2 x 17” Panasonic LCD Monitor for Field Monitoring
2 x 17” Panasonic LCD Monitor for for Camera Engineer
1 x Videotek HD/SD Waveform Monitors for Camera Engineer

Recording, Slow Motion & CG 


Upto 2x XDCAM/P2 HD Recorders
1x LGZ USB HD Recorder, 1x PAL DVD
Upto 8ch Aja KiPro SSD Recorders or 8ch Cinegy Videoserver
Multicam Format - Apple Pro Res MOV Wrapped

Slow Motion System & Disk recorder

SlomoTV Server:
- 6 Rec channels with 12ch of Embedded Audio
- 1 Channel of Instant Slow Motion Replay with 2ch of Embedded Audio
- Direct Recording to Pair of External Drive for Final Cut Editing (6x DV25/50 Streams of Video+2Audio)


VGCast CG System with Clip Playback:
- Football & Basketball CG Applications
- only SD system

Chyron HyperX System:
- HD/SD Harware
- CG Lyric Software

Audio & Intercom 

Main mixing desk

Yamaha MCL7-ES 56 inputs/56 outputs/24 busses/48 faders:
- 24 mic inputs (16mic - Ethersound StageBox)
- 16 line iputs / 32 line outputs
- 8 AES inputs / 9 AES outputs
- Internal Dynamic & Effect Processing
- Internal Patching
- 300 Memory Presets

Second mixing desk

Yamaha 03D 16 inputs/12 outputs/8 busses/16 faders:
- 8 mic inputs
- 8 line iputs / 24 line outputs
- 1 AES inputs / 1 AES outputs
- Internal Dynamic & Effect Processing

Audio monitoring

Stereo Sound:
- Main ADAM Monitors
- B/Up Yamaha Monitors
- RTW Peakmeter


up to 6x Sennheiser ME67
up to 6x Sennheiser ME66
up to 4x Sony on-camera mic
up to 2x Sennheiser MD42 Reporter Mic
other mics - on request


Telex Zeus 32 x 32 Intercom Matrix:
- with Intercom Panel for VideoProducer, AudioProducer, Engineers, Show Producer
- Upto 6x 4Wire External Lines

Wireless intercom

Telex RadioCom BTR-700 System:
- 4x User BeltPacks with HeadSets


OB VAN Rental Kiev & Ukraine

OB VAN Services Kiev & Ukraine

Sports broadcasting Kiev & Ukraine

OB units hire Kiev & Ukraine


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